Warranty Details

  1. Technical Replacement Report Terms (For Accidental & Extended Warranty):
    • Where alpha store issues a technical report for replacement, the following discount rates shall apply there to:

    Under the extended warranty:

    In all AAA packages for the first year of extended warranty 25% shall apply, for the second year 35% shall apply, for the third year 45% shall apply, for the fifth year 65% shall apply. The package expires upon replacement with any AAA packages.

    AAA Packages Terms for Accidental & Extended Warranty

    1- The accidental warranty under AAA that is valid for one year as of the product purchase date shall not cover the following exceptions:

    • The devices repaired at an unauthorized service centers.
    • The damages resulting from intentional breakage.
    • Multiple suspicious damages to the same or different sides of the product.
    • Bending in the device body.
    • Two-fold or combined damages such as breakage and spillage of liquids at the same time and full submersion in liquids.
    • Failures resulting from misuse, deliberate negligence, faulty settings, faulty installment and usage of unfitting accessories.
    • Serial numbers were changed, tampered with or wholly or partially removed, or the label was removed.
    • The accessories accompanying the product.
    • Routine maintenance and cleaning.
    • Damage of data/ equipment/ software due to a virus infection or the like.

    2- Total Loss: Product will be deemed as Total Loss when we consider it uneconomical to repair or when the repair is close to the market value of the product after deducting the depreciation rate and also in case of lack of parts, then AAA Co. will compensate the customer by providing him a new device having the same model after collecting 25% amount from the customer or AAA Co. will compensate the customer with 75% of the device amount. With this compensation taking place, the Accidental Damage warranty plan is considered void and cannot be used for further claims. AAA Co. will deduct 5% from the device price in case no accessories is provided in case of total loss.

    3- Accidental Warranty: Accidental Damage Protection if the product suffers Accidental Damage, during the period of cover, we will repair or total loss of the product and customer will pay 25% of the accidental repair cost. The decision to repair or total loss lies solely with AAA. We reserve the right to obtain an assessment and evaluation report in the event of any claim.

    How to submit a claim to the customer

    You must notify the AAA Claims Department as soon as possible by contacting the following:

    Toll free number: 1808040, Phone: +965 24844754, Email: info@aaa-warranty.com, Website: http://www.aaa-warranty.com

    Or take your product to the alpha store service center and inform it that you have obtained the accidental damage protection plan provided by AAA, along with the purchase invoice.

    * The warranty booklet terms and conditions shall apply.