Rolling Square inCharge XL 3m Yellow

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Rolling Square inCharge XL 3m Yellow


If you are looking for a fully universal yet extremely portable cable, look no further. You can think of inCharge XL 30cm/1ft as the swiss army knife of cables, albeit long enough to use your device while it’s charging. – Charge&Data – 6 connections in 1 – Charging at up to 100W You will receive an email to select your preferred colors.

Our community has helped us shape the most advanced cable we have ever designed, inCharge® XL. It completely redefines the way we think about charging our devices: it’s the first cable that can replace every charging cable around you.

6 different connections in a single cable

inCharge® XL features 2 Inputs and 3 Outputs, for a total of 6 different connections.

You can virtually plug inCharge® XL in any power source, to charge any device, no matter where you are!

Removable Adapters

The sliding parts of the housings are designed to be easily removed and put back on, in case you don’t need them.

However, they can only be removed at a certain angle, so that they don’t unintentionally come off.

Protective Cap

inCharge® XL has been engineered to last forever, that’s why we designed a new protective cap: it snaps on the cable to never lose it, while protecting the connectors.

The Protective Cap has been re-engineered and updated in the latest development stages, some contents in the campaign and video might still show the previous solution.100W Ultra Fast Charging, so powerful you can even charge your laptop

With 100W USB-C to USB-C Power Delivery, inCharge® XL can transfer a huge amount of energy. It can charge laptops, the largest tablets, and most smartphones at their max charging speed. Switching from phone to laptop has never been so quick!

Whether at home or at work, we are constantly surrounded by electronic devices. Having a cable that can charge all of them is a revolution in the way we think of charging, one of the most annoying compromises of electronics.

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