iPhone 15 Pro 512GB White Titanium

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iPhone 15 Pro 512GB White Titanium

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6.1″ iPhone 15 Pro2 in four colors

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Design and Display

Forged in titanium.

iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone to feature an aerospace‑grade titanium design, using the same alloy that spacecraft use for missions to Mars.

Titanium has one of the best strength‑to‑weight ratios of any metal, making these our lightest Pro models ever. You’ll notice the difference the moment you pick one up.

It’s here. The biggest redesign in the history of Apple GPUs. A17 Pro is an entirely new class of iPhone chip that delivers our best graphics performance by far.

Mobile games will look and feel so immersive, with incredibly detailed environments and more realistic characters. And with industry-leading speed and efficiency, A17 Pro takes fast and runs with it.

Pro-class GPUwith 6 cores

120 mm of
pure Pro zoom.

For iPhone 15 Pro Max, we designed a 5x Telephoto camera with the longest optical zoom of any iPhone ever to fit in our compact Pro camera system.

Now you can take sharper close‑ups from farther away — like a phenomenal photo of your friend or a goal in your kid’s soccer match.

5x optical zoomwith the 120 mm lens


Get in on the Action button.

The all‑new Action button is a fast track to your favorite feature. Once you set the one you want, just press and hold to launch the action.

your gigabits.

iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone to support USB 3,5 for a huge leap in data transfer speeds and faster pro workflows than ever before.

The new USB‑C connector lets you charge your Mac or iPad with the same cable you use to charge iPhone 15 Pro. Bye‑bye, cable clutter.

Up to20x fasterfile transfers

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