iPhone 13 256GB Green

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iPhone 13

Your new superpower.

We designed a totally new architecture and turned the lenses 45 degrees to fit in our best dual-camera system ever — with its biggest Wide camera sensor. We also made room for our sensor-shift optical image stabilization. And we equipped the Ultra Wide camera with a faster sensor.

New Ultra Wide camera reveals more detail in the dark areas of your photos
New Wide camera captures 47% more light for better photos and videos
New sensor-shift optical image stabilization keeps shots steady even when you’re not

Our most advanced

dual camera system ever.

Durability that’s front and center.

And edge to edge.

A lightning-fast chip that

speeds up everything you do.

iPhone went to
film school,

you don’t have to.

Presenting Cinematic mode

Filmmakers use a technique called rack focus — shifting focus from one subject to another — to guide the audience’s attention in their movies. Now iPhone makes it easy for you to bring the same storytelling technique to your videos.

You can even adjust
the depth effect after you shoot

Want to change the focus or adjust the blur after shooting wraps? No problem. iPhone lets you do it with a few taps and swipes. Even pro movie cameras can’t do that.

Take a great photo without lifting a finger.

Night mode senses low-light scenes and automatically adjusts to take bright, clear photos with amazingly rich colors.

Smart HDR 4 now recognizes up to four different people in a scene and optimizes contrast, lighting, and even skin tones for each one. So everybody looks their best.

Deep Fusion activates in mid- to low-light scenes. It analyzes multiple exposures pixel by pixel to capture the subtlest textures, patterns, and details.

The Ultra Wide camera gives you a wide field of view even when you’re right up close to what you’re shooting. So you can capture more of the scene without stepping back.

Memories are automatic slideshows created from meaningful moments in your photo library. Personalize them with your own look and feel — or even a soundtrack from your music library.

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